Counting Raindrops

Yesterday Lea Sjövall and I headed out for a dance photoshoot in Stockholm. The weather forecast said cloudy skies but no rain, so I did not bring any rain gear. Unfortunately the weather forecast was wrong, and there was a short shower as I was en route. We met up at Karlaplan which has a nice fountain that can be quite fun to play around with in photos. There were not many people around which is great, as it means a cleaner background.

Lea Sjövall
Lea Sjövall

From Karlaplan we headed to Djurgården, walking along the water and stopping at a few places to take photos.

Lea Sjövall

The dark clouds started appearing, and we heard thunder in the distance. As it got closer we took refuge at Thielska Galleriet and had some food while waiting for it to pass. Just north of Thielska Galleriet are some weirdly shaped trees near the water, which was our next stop. It was around that the skies opened again and it started to rain.

Lea Sjövall
Lea Sjövall
Mobile phone behind the scenes photo.

On the way back the rain picked up even more, and we were soon completely drenched. Last summer we had done a photoshoot in the rain (Cats and Dogs), so maybe this will become a new tradition. Anyway, the worse the weather, the cooler the pictures. It was great that it was so warm, which meant it was not too bad to be completely wet.

Lea Sjövall

Many thanks to Lea for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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