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Yesterday Sandra Omidvar and Andrea Westman travelled out to Kalkbadet in Norrtälje for a pole dance photoshoot. After playing hide and seek with the portable X-pole, first at Nova pole and then at Vida pole, we eventually found it and managed to pack it into the car. We also picked up some food on the way, that we snacked on while scouting the location, dodging nudists and smoking families taking a swim. Nicke Ekström arrived a bit after us on motorbike, and helped us stabilise the X-pole so that it would be level with the horizon, and also doing a great job assisting with the double poses. Plus he had a little surprise planned for the day…

Andrea Westman. Notice how carefully the X-pole was balanced. I don’t think it has even been that level on a rock before.
Sandra Omidvar in the sky.
Andrea and Sandra doing their magic. Getting into these double poses is not always easy, especially not when the photographer wants them to be as high as possible on the pole to get above the horizon.
Nicke, Sandra and Andrea. Sometimes the behind the scenes photos are just magic.
Andrea and Sandra. The eye of the storm. Literally, we had thunderstorms circling us in the latter part of the photoshoot. Luckily we only got a little bit of rain on us.
Nicke and Sandra. Asking the big question.
Sandra and Nicke. Engaged.
Lady Andrea
Sandra and Nicke, casually strolling in the water. Not staged at all. Promise. 🙂

Many thanks to Andrea, Sandra and Nicke for a fun photoshoot! And special congratulations to Sandra and Nicke on their engagement!

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— Johannes

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