Crepuscular Chorus

This past Satuday I did a dance photoshoot with Athena Nesti, Isabella Larsson and Li Johansson from the Royal Swedish Ballet School. We met up at Hammarby Sjöstad, which is in the south eastern part of Stockholm, beautifully located by the water. Our plan was to head towards the quays and walkways and await the golden light of sunset.

Isabella Larsson. On the way to the quays we found this street lined with flowering trees, so we did a quick stop to take a few photos.
Li Johansson. We had planned on going to the circular quay, but there were so many people that we instead opted to start on one of the walkways.
Isabella Larsson. As the sun was getting lower some people left the round quay in enough numbers for us to find a spot we could use for our dance photos.
Li Johansson
Isabella Larsson
Athena Nesti. This makes me think of Gulliver’s travels, the perspective makes it look like Athena is a giant among people.
Athena Nesti
Athena Nesti. A few more people left for dinner, and we moved to a new spot on the round quay.
Isabella Larsson in her elegant black and white dress.
Li, Athena and Isabella.
We were taking photos of Athena Nesti when a hot air ballon suddenly sailed into our view.
Li Johansson
Isabella Larsson. In addition to my 50mm lens, I had also brought along my old 135mm f/2.8 AI Nikon lens. I had only used it on my D700 before, so was curious to see how it would fare on the D810. There were some chromic aberration, flaring and not super sharp, but it was fun to play with.

For those wondering about the blog title, crepuscular relates to the evening (e.g. crepuscular animal, an animal active during the evening). Dance in latin is chorus, unless google was lying to me, hence crepuscular chorus seemed like a natural choice as a name for the blog post.

Isabella Larsson. We were looking for a place where we could get down closer to the water. As we were walking we turned around and saw this view with amazing light reflected in the walkway.
Athena Nesti. Last photo of the evening.

We have a short behind the scenes video from the photoshoot:

Many thanks to Athena, Li and Isabella for a fun dance photoshoot!

If you want to see more dance photos, check the Royal Swedish Ballet School tag on the blog.

Instagram: Athena Nesti, Isabella Larsson, Li Johansson, Johannes Hjorth

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