Walking two worlds

Ballet dancers spend hours upon hours practising indoors, drilling their moves to perfection in a world of their own. So it was great to see them bring some of the beauty they have achieved into our everyday world, and having them walk and dance among us mere mortals. Last weekend I met up with Rio Morisawa, Kae Mizumoto and Ryo Sasaki for a second dance photoshoot. This time we went to Skeppsholmen, taking a walk in the sun around the island.

Ryo Sasaki with af Chapman in the background.
Ryo Sasaki. You need split second timing to capture this. After a few failed tries we agreed that we would count 1,2,3,*click*. Ryo stepped back out of frame, paused a second then jumped, and we made this photo.
Rio Morisawa with the bridge to Skeppsholmen in the background.
Ryo Sasaki floating in mid air.
Ryo Sasaki, we were on a roll with the jumps.
Ryo Sasaki. There is a boat going to Skeppsholmen, so we went out on the jetty and took a few photos in front of the waiting passengers.
Kae Mizumoto
Rio Morisawa found this piece of art.
Rio Morisawa
Rio Morisawa
Ryo Sasaki
Rio and Ryo. Rio had brought some soap bubbles with her, so we decided to incorporate that into one of the photos.
Kae Mizumoto.
Rio Morisawa and Kae Mizuomto
Rio Morisawa and Ryo Sasaki. After a short food break in the Museum of Moderna Art we headed back out, and found this white wall.
Kae, Ryo and Rio
Rio Morisawa
Rio Morisawa
Kae Mizumoto
Ryo and Rio
Ryo and Rio. On the way back we discovered a brick structure on the northern part of Skeppsholmen. I am not really sure what the purpose of it is, but it makes for a great location to play around at when photographing.
Rio, Kae and Ryo. Here we were trying our hands at a bit of story telling.

Many thanks to Kae, Rio and Ryo for a fun photoshoot!

If you are curious about our previous photoshoot, check the Ame-no-Uzume blogpost.

Instagram: Ryo Sasaki, Rio Morisawa, Kae Mizumoto and Johannes Hjorth

— Johannes

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