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Tilda Kristiansson and I did a photoshoot at the Royal Institute of Technology today. There are some really nice windows there which are great for photographing. Turns out the post-Christmas exam period was still running, so about an hour after we started hundreds of students sat down to do exams while we were doing our photoshoot a few floors above.

Tilda doing some basic stretching in the window. About half an hour into our photoshoot a friendly lady and a gentleman showed up to be invigilators in the lecture room we had occupied. They let us continue while they were setting up, so we got a few more shots and a nice chat with them before moving up a couple of stairs.
Here we had just arrived at our second spot, outside the Mechanics department.
Tilda striking a pose on the stairs.
At the top of the stairs there was a window light above, which we played with. For this shoot I am using my new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens, which has an amazing sharpness even at the widest aperture.
We had little pockets of light that we played with on the stairs.
As the sun was getting lower the light from the window moved higher, so we got a bench to get Tilda a bit higher up.
We also did some portraits, here photographing with wide open aperture at close range.
Back to the window.
Overexposing the background to get a proper exposure for Tilda’s face.
There was amazing light by the window.
A few more headshots.
The sun was setting and it was time to pack up.

For more photos with Tilda, have a look at the blog posts from our earlier photoshoots.

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