Vikings and Princesses

Jonathan’s daughters were visiting my parents here in Stockholm for a few days. Coming to Stockholm is always an adventure for them, and doing so without their parents probably made it even more exciting. I joined them for most of Tuesday and Wednesday, and here is a glimpse of what we did. My mother (aka Grandma) likes to make plans and have themes. For the first day she had Vikings as a theme, and the second day had a Princess theme.

All of the photos in this blog post were shot with my new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 ART lens. First impression is that it is heavy, and the focus does not always lock on, but when it nails the focus the image quality is pretty good.

Little sister, photographed with f/1.4, a very shallow depth of field.
Cousins playing at Grandma’s.
Big cousin
Big sister reading a tiny book that she found in grandma’s collection.
Big and middle sister having a competition to see who can do the plank for the longest. Little cousin in the foreground is imitating the girls.
Little cousin with mom Sophie.
We went to Historiska Museet for a visit.
A model of the old Viking centre Birka.
“Look a horse!” says one of the nieces excited and makes me take a photo of it.
I see dead people…
On the way to the ginger house exhibit little sister got tired, and we all took turns carrying her.
There had been a big competition in ginger cookie house building that was exhibited at the Moderna Museet.
Some of these houses were pretty spectacular.
“Come grandma, look!”
Outside it had started to snow.
New day, visiting Josef and Sophie. Here big sister.
Grandma and big cousin.
Cousins playing.
Grandpa and big sister.
Big cousin turns four on Saturday, so we celebrated her with a pink princess cake.
Little cousin.
Josef and Little Man.
Sandra had made big cousin a my little pony, and little cousin (aka little man) a stuffed car out of yarn.
Josef is a popular uncle and dad.
Big sister does not want to let go.
Cousin cuddling.
Big sister showing off one of her cool music apps.
Time to head to Waldermars Udde and Prince Eugene’s Palace.
Middle sister running towards the palace.
The young and old ones coming after.
Big cousin looking out the window. There is a glass table in the foreground that reflects part of the light
Checking out the big light thingy.
Mimicking the painting in the background with two of the sisters on the red carpet.
In an adjacent building was a big art gallery.
Both modern and old art was displayed. Here a piece by Miss Aniela (Surreal fashion).
Big sister taking notes.

It was lots of fun to spend time with my four nieces and my nephew. Many thanks to my parents and to Josef and Sophie. Until next time!

— Johannes

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