Dancing for Two

Pole dancing while pregnant? Helle Carlstedt and Cecilia Liu proves that it is possible not only possible, but they also do it in great style. After a bit of planning and location scouting on google we found a place, there is an abandoned quarry at Stenhamra, so last week after work we headed there.

Helle Carlstedt
Cecilia Liu. The pole rotated slowly, so Helle had to run in and help correct the angle.
Cecilia Liu
Helle Carlstedt, nine months pregnant. Really impressive!
Helle Carlstedt
Mandatory pole picnic.
Helle and Cecilia
Cecilia Liu and Helle Carlstedt. Pregnant pole double.

The rocks were shielding the sun, so we decided to pack down the pole and move to a nearby spot a few minutes drive away. We managed to get a few last photos at the beach just as the sun crossed the horisont.

Helle Carlstedt
Helle Carlstedt
Cecilia Liu flying.
Helle Carlstedt
Cecilia and Helle

Behind the scenes video:

A big thank you to Helle and Cecilia for a fun evening photoshoot!

Instagram: Helle, Cecilia, Johannes

— Johannes

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