Dancing in the Rain

Lucy McMahon, Rafael San Martin, Annie Magee, Isabel Estevez and Jonathan Franklin joined me for a photoshoot at Stourbridge Common located just north east of the centre of Cambridge. Our plan was to do some photos on the bridge crossing the railway which was decorated by graffiti. Shortly after we arrived it started to rain, and it would continue to pour down for most of the three and a half hours we spent there. It might not have been the most comfortable shoot, but it was fun, and whenever you get little particles in the rain, be it dust, water droplets or snow, it always adds atmosphere to the photos.

Isabel Estevez
Isabel Estevez on the bridge over the railway.
Isabel Estevez
Isabel Estevez, here I am shooting from a slightly lower angle to get the arms and one leg against the sky.
Rafael San Martin
One of the things we did during this evening was to try to play with gravity defying angles. We wanted to make photos that would have the pose looking normal, but where the world would be tilted.
Isabel Estevez
Isabel Estevez
Rafael San Martin
Rafael San Martin
Lucy McMahon and Annie Magee
Lucy McMahon and Annie Magee
Jonathan and Rafael on the stairs in the rain
We were shooting lots of photos up the bridge, when I looked down and realised that the wet steps looked pretty good as well. Here Jonathan and Rafael.
Rafael San Martin
Rafael San Martin
Jonathan looking over the edge to the railway below
Annie Magee
After taking several shots of the bridge we decided to move down into the fields below. I found me a nice big puddle to lie down by and Annie Magee did a jump.
Annie Magee
You need to get really close to the water to get a nice reflection. Here Annie Magee doing what can only be called a rain dance.
Annie Magee
Annie Magee calling out to the gods of rain.
Rafael San Martin
Rafael and his reflection in the surface of the puddle
Rafael San Martin jumping, arms and legs parallel
Rafael San Martin doing a jump. I originally shot this to be a silhouette photo, but then decided to brighten it in post processing.
Lucy McMahon
Lucy McMahon whipping her hair creating an arc of water droplets. Quite messy but looks really good.
Annie Magee by a puddle in the rain
Annie Magee
Lucy McMahon and Jonathan Franklin
Lucy McMahon and Jonathan Franklin lit by one flash from the right.
Isabel Estevez and Rafael San Martin
Isabel Estevez and Rafael San Martin. Here we brought out the second flash as well, side lighting them with one flash from either side.
Annie Magee and Lucy Mahon
Annie Magee and Lucy Mahon
Jonathan Franklin and Isabel Estevez
Jonathan Franklin and Isabel Estevez. It is not easy fitting everything in the puddle’s reflection.
Annie Magee and Rafael San Martin jumping
Annie Magee and Rafael San Martin in one of my favourite photos from the evening. I love when we get to play around with more dynamic poses in photos.
Isabel, Lucy and Annie
A dancers’ take on “See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil”.

Many thanks to Lucy, Jonathan, Annie, Isabel and Rafael for a fun evening in the rain!

For more dance photos, see the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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  1. lucy
    June 30, 2016

    Hey Johannes!! is lucy. i’m in china so cant access facebook but this post is amazing!!!!! Jon’s name is Jonathan Franklin or Jon Franklin. thank you sooo much! 🙂 xxx

    • July 9, 2016

      Great, thanks Lucy! Updated the blog post. Hope you had a great time in China! 🙂

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