En route to Grantchester

The day after doing the Dancing in the Rain, we went out to do another dance photoshoot. This time taking advantage of the sun and the blue skies. Our plan was to bike out to Grantchester, but we did not make it quite as far. We passed this beautifully lit green tunnel of bushes and trees that we just had to use in a few photos. Rafael San Martin, Joanna Vymeris and I may or may not have stayed there for 40 minutes before moving on. After that we headed into the fields just beyond the tunnel, and Vinciane Jones joined shortly. Below is a selection of my favourite photos from the shoot.

Joanna Vymeris and Rafael San Martin. Here I was shooting from a lower angle to get more of the greenery above them.
Rafael on a leash
We had Joanna and Rafael swap positions, putting Joanna with her darker clothes against a bright background, and Rafael with brighter clothes against the darker part of the tunnel. For this photo I held the camera a bit slanted so used the new content-aware crop function to help straighten the photo.
One last photo in the tunnel, we wanted to turn Rafael into a human balloon by having him jumping from the fence.
Chance meeting. We also played with the idea of them catching each other’s eyes as they passed on the walk. We had to do this many times to get it right, but in the end we settled for one of the first shots.
Rafael San Martin and Joanna Vymeris
Rafael San Martin, Joanna Vymeris and Vinciane Jones. By including Vinciane to the right in the photo we create a bit more depth.
Rafael San Martin, Joanna Vymeris and Vinciane Jones
Vinciane Jones, Rafael San Martin and Joanna Vymeris. The nekkid dude in the background has been photoshopped out.
Rafael San Martin and Vinciane Jones
Rafael San Martin and Vinciane Jones

Many thanks to Joanna, Rafael and Vinciane for a fun photoshoot!

For more dance photos, see the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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