Daughter of the Water

Elin Karlsson and I went to Ullnasjön for a morning photoshoot by the water. Elin does a bit of cosplaying and has a beautiful mermaid outfit that she brought along. What you might know is that the mermaid fin is quite heavy, so she had it in a suitcase. We ended up lugging it through a forested area to get through a secluded area by the water.

Elin Karlsson. Finding the spots of sunlight coming through the branches.
Elin Karlsson. Flying high!
Elin Karlsson. We did a few portraits also of hippie-Elin.
Elin Karlsson. Time for the mermaid outfit.
Elin Karlsson. We wanted a bit of motion to the fin, if you look closely you can see the water droplets flying.
Elin Karlsson
Elin Karlsson. A new wardrobe change!
Elin Karlsson in her forest nymph outfit that she finished the day before.
Elin Karlsson
Elin Karlsson

We also explored a little bit north, and found this amazing place with beautiful light and framed by branches.

Elin Karlsson
Elin Karlsson. Back to the orange outfit. It shows up nicely against the green background.
Elin Karlsson
Elin Karlsson

Many thanks to Elin for a fun morning photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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