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Emilia Fridholm, Malin Vängelin and Alva Svennbeck came to Näsbypark for a morning photoshoot. We decided to photograph indoors, in the little green room, that those of you that frequent the blog probably recognise by now. Malin and Alva came all the way from Uppsala, and Emilia just had a short train ride to get here. With them they had suit cases filled with different outfits. It was a really fun photoshoot. Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.

Alva Svennbeck recently won the Swedish Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics.
Malin Vängelin
Alva Svennbeck. I really like the light in the room, but sometimes it is fun to mix up the background, to create a cleaner look.
Alva Svennbeck
Emilia Fridholm. Hands.
Emilia Fridholm. The dancers had brought so many different outfits, which was great fun, as we got lots of different looks.
Malin Vängelin

We took a lunch break, before continuing.

Emilia Fridholm
Emilia Fridholm improvising in front of the camera.
Emilia Fridholm
Alva Svennbeck. Casual.
Malin and Emilia. Twins.

We ended the photoshoot with a set of portraits.

Emilia Fridholm
Malin Vängelin
Alva Svennbeck

Many thanks to Emilia, Malin and Alva for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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