Daughters of Terpsichore

Charlie Schoonman and I had originally planned to photograph on the Wednesday or Thursday of my visit, but Monday afternoon arrived with sun and blue skies after a rainy weekend, so I messaged her and we decided to change our plans and head out after lunch. Isobel Smith and Tara Kearney also had time to join us, and within a few hours we had our spontaneous shoot organised. For our destination we chose Segenhoe Church, which I have visited previously for another photoshoot. The church is about an hour’s drive away from Cambridge (directions are in the previous blog post).

For those wondering about the blog name, Terpsichore was one of the nine muses, and her name translates to “delight in dancing”. You can read more about her on Wikipedia. Here are my favourite photos from our photoshoot.

Isobel Smith balancing en pointe in the church window. She makes it look easy, but that was not the smoothest of surfaces.
Isobel Smith. It was quite windy, but for the cold, it is great for giving motion and life to the photos.
Tara Anne Kearney, our resident yogi.
Tara Anne Kearney
Charlie Schoonman. We also shot the window from the other side, to get a different look.
Charlie Schoonman sitting in the window.
Isobel Smith had brought with her a piece of white cloth which together with the wind and the light created photographic magic.
Isobel Smith. Tombstones and pointy shoes.
Tara Anne Kearney overlooking the graveyard.
A close up of Isobel Smith and the flowing white cloth.
There was a nearby field which we walked over to. My original plan was to use the clear skyline for a photo, but instead I turned the camera around towards the church and captured this photo of Isobel Smith.
Isobel Smith on the muddy grass with Segenhoe Church in the background.
Charlie Schoonman with the sun in the background. This was more what photos I had originally thought of from the field.
Charlie Schoonman
Isobel Smith stepping into the muddy field.
Charlie Schoonman. Shoe and foot.

It was fun to come back to the Segenhoe Church, and I am glad that Charlie, Isobel and Tara were able to join on such short notice. If you want to see more dance photos, check out the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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  1. Mar
    April 4, 2017

    Fab photo love choice of setting x

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