Dernières heures d’été

This past Sunday I met up with Coralie Aulas from the Royal Swedish Ballet and Marin Jalut-Motte from the Opéra national de Bordeaux for a dance photoshoot in Gamla Stan. We wandered the small streets, dodging groups of tourists, to create this beautiful series of photos.

Coralie Aulas. Many of the streets were really crowded, but Prästgatan was relatively quiet.
Coralie Aulas. Photographed with the sun behind Coralie, and her face lit by a silver reflector.
Coralie and Marin
Coralie Aulas. We then moved on to Trädgårdsgatan, which is another secluded street without too many people. I like how the green dress picked up the colour of the tree in the background.
Coralie Aulas
Coralie Aulas
Coralie Aulas
Marin Jalut-Motte
Marin Jalut-Motte
Coralie and Marin. Pas de deux.
Marin and Coralie. There was a spot that had beautiful light coming in from the side, thanks to the courtyard to the left.
Coralie and Marin
Coralie Aulas. One last photo before it was time to call it a day.

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Coralie and Marin for a fun dance photoshoot!

Instagram: Coralie, Marin, Johannes

— Johannes

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