Summer’s End

Summer is quickly coming to an end. This Saturday I did a photoshoot together with Kale Lazarick and Inka Keränen from the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. We returned to Kråkudden in Näsbypark, to shoot both on the rocks there, and among the reeds.

Inka Keränen. We took a small detour on the way to the water.
Kale Lazarick among the reeds. I was shooting with the 50mm f/1.4 Sigma ART lens, and it was struggling quite a bit locking the focus with the strong backlight. It did not help that I was shooting at maximal aperture, but I wanted the shallow depth of field.
Kale Lazarick. After a while I figured that holding some of the reeds in front of the camera made for a beautiful light bloom. Of course I got a bit carried away, and there were some of the photos where the bloom was so strong that you did not see the dancers in the photo.
Inka Keränen
Inka Keränen. We added a bit of motion to the photo with a hair toss.
Inka and Kale. It is always fun to see what happens when you put two dancers together in front of the camera, they start to move and the scene takes on a life of its own.
Kale and Inka. “The waltz”, or rather our take on the waltz – who leads who?
Inka Keränen
Kale Lazarick. We were about to head away from the reeds, but Kale was inspired and wanted a few more photos there.
Inka Keränen on the rocks.
Inka Keränen
Inka Keränen
Kale Lazarick returning to the favourite rock in the water for another series. You can see the previous series in the Fata Morgana blog post.
Kale Lazarick. “Kale you are too far away, can you come a bit closer…”
Kale Lazarick
Inka Keränen stepping into the water.
Kale Lazarick
Inka and Kale
Inka and Kale. Pas de deux.
Kale Lazarick. Next we headed to Näsaäng. Here Kale posing under the trees.
Kale Lazarick. Playing with shapes and shadows. I had first composed this photo with Kale in the centre before realising that the shadow made for a great leading line.
Kale Lazarick
Kale Lazarick
Kale and Inka. One last photo before it was time to call it a day.

Many thanks to Kale and Inka for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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