Det syns inte

The musical “Det syns inte” is produced by the non-profit organisation Arts & Hearts with the purpose to raise awareness around mental health issues today. With so many of our survival needs met and so many choices available in life, how come so many today feel depressed, lonely and suffer from anxiety? These are some of the themes highlighted through this musical with song, dance, dialogue and comic relief. The entire production including a six-person band, a technical crew of three and 15 people on stage volunteer for the sole purpose of raising funds for Tjejzonen – Sweden’s largest support organisation for young women who need support. The musical has also been created as a collaborative project including 8 different composers from Örebro to NYC! Arts & Hearts also organise an online auction with art pieces donated by artists for the same purpose. This is their second annual (!) production with the purpose the raise awareness around a specific topic and raise funds to support that topic.

The script was written by Sissela Nutley and Ulrika Larsson during the past year to get at some of the different perspectives at the various stages of life. The musical tells the story of 16-year old Hanna from the perspective of those around her; her parents, brother, grandmother, friends and teacher. This allows us to catch a glimpse of their respective life situations and imagine how life can be challenging at all of these stages. The script-writers asked composers to write for instance “a catchy tune about how awesome life will be when you finally turn 18” or “a duett between a mother and father who are drifting apart”. They then wrote or collaborated with the composers to write the lyrics to fit the story. The cast was put together by open auditions for the younger actors (youngest aged 16) and requests for the rest and everyone involved has done so to support these important issues.

To keep costs down they rented the theatre for only the performance which is a rather challenging situation for both performers, the sound production crew, not to mention the light technician who had to set the lighting in the same day.

To find out more about the musical and to buy tickets, visit their webpage

Last week my old PhD friend Sissela Nutley from Stockholm Brain Institute posted on Facebook about a musical called “Det syns inte” (It is not visible) she has created together with a group of very talented friends. They premiered today, and are also playing next Sunday at Playhouse Theatre in Stockholm.  I messaged her, and got the opportunity to come and photograph their dress/tech rehearsal.

Steve Kratz


Steve Kratz
Steve Kratz and Anni Grosse
Jessica Andersson
Rebecca Nordström, Emelie Junegren, Isabelle Billstein and Jessica Andersson.
Elin Werling, Signe Lagerkvist, Jessica Andersson, Louise Nilsson and Emelie Junegren.
Sinead Shanahan, Jessica Andersson and Emelie Junegren.
Emelie Junegren, Rebecca Nordström, Sinead Shanahan, Jessica Andersson and Signe Lagerkvist.
Jessica Andersson and Isabelle Billstein.
Signe Lagerkvist, Jessica Andersson, Harald Molander and Isabelle Billstein.
Jessica Andersson, Steve Kratz and Anni Grosse.
Harald Molander and Anni Grosse.
Anni Grosse, Ulrika Sandström, Harald Molander, Elin Werling and Isabelle Billstein.
Isabelle Billstein and Annie Grosse.
Emelie Junegren.
Harald Molander.
Isabelle Billstein and Harald Molander.
Ulrika Sandström, Harald Molander and Emelie Junegren.
Rebecca Nordström, Elin Werling, Emelie Junegren, Molly Nutley, Sinead Shanahan and Louise Nilsson.
Louise Nilsson.
Louise Nilsson and Signe Lagerkvist.
Elin Werling, Rebecca Nordström, Signe Lagerkvist, Molly Nutley, Emelie Junegren, Sinead Shanahan and Louise Nilsson.
Rebecca Nordström and Elin Werling.
Harald Molander, Sissela Nutley and Ann Pumme.
Elin Werling, Rebecca Nordström, Sinead Shanahan, Emelie Junegren, Louise Nilsson, Signe Lagerkvist and Molly Nutley.
Molly Nutley, Emelie Junegren, Rebecca Nordström, Sinead Shanahan and Louise Nilsson.
Sissela Nutley
Isabelle Billstein, Emelie Junegren and Jessica Andersson.
Sissela Nutley, Isabelle Billstein, Emelie Junegren, Ulrika Sandström, and Jessica Andersson.
Emelie Junegren, Isabelle Billstein, Jessica Andersson and Sinead Shanahan.
Jessica Andersson.
Jessica Andersson, Signe Lagerkvist and Elin Werling.
Molly Nutley and Steve Kratz.
Harald Molander, Anni Grosse, Isabelle Billstein and Molly Nutley.
Rebecca Nordström, Anni Grosse and Harald Molander.
Emelie Junegren, Sigrid Anastasoglou, Sinead Shanahan, Louise Nilsson and Elias Nyberg.

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Also, take a moment to listen to their title song “Jag hör dig” on Spotify:

Skådespelare: Anni Grosse, Elin Werling, Elias Nyberg, Emelie Junegren, Harald Molander, Isabelle Billstein, Jessica Andersson, Louise Nilsson, Molly Nutley, Mikael Karlborg, Rebecca Nordström, Signe Lagerkvist, Sigrid Anastasoglou, Sinead Shanahan, Sissela Nutley, Steve Kratz, Ulrika Sandström
Manus: Sissela Nutley, Ulrika Larsson
Producent: Sissela Nutley
Regi: Ulrika Larsson
Sång/körarrangemang: Andreas Ericson
Repetitör: Johan Lignell
Kapellmästare: Stefan Ajax
Musiker: Daniel Söderbäck, Fredrik Pettersson, Jacob Brogren, Olof Andersson, Stefan Ajax, Ann Lidén
Koreografi: Johanna Waltersson, Rebecca Nordström, Sofia Andersson
Låtskapare: Adriana Karadza, Ann Lidén, Basse Jernling, Ebba Wickström, Fredrik Hanefalk, Göran Fröst, Joe Kinosian, Johan Lignell, Kellen Blair, Magnus Paues, Per Wickström, Petra Brohäll, Sissela Nutley, Ulrika Larsson
Studioproduktion: Hani Jazzar, Jon Eriksson
Ljud: Filip Åsblom, Henrik Westerberg
Marknadsföring: Helena Torhage
Företagssamarbeten: Carin Bergman, Johan Lignell
Konstverk till affisch: Maja Lindén
Grafisk formgivning och digitalt: Joakim Carlsten, Stefan Malmquist,
Kreativ input: Ann Lidén, Basse Jernling, Johan Peiris
Ledmotiv “Jag hör dig”: Annika Herlitz, Jon Eriksson, Emma Lundborg

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