The Glass Cage

I am in Cambridge for the weekend, and met up with the cast of ‘The Glass Cage’ to do a photoshoot for their upcoming musical. They had procured a room in Caius and a tv set borrowed from a friend that we used as a prop. We had to shuffle the furniture around for the different photos. It is quite fun to come up with creative solutions when you have limited resources at hand.

Katherine Murphy, Larry Carson and George Fairley served the American army in Afghanistan. Now, Katherine Murphy is dead. George is in prison, accused of her rape but unable to face his memories of that day. Larry is decorated for heroism, but is increasingly cold to his wife and daughter.

As politicians try to manipulate the three veterans for their own purposes and their memories and mental health become tangled with lies, the facts become increasingly difficult to find – and we begin to wonder whether the truth as we know it is really the truth that we wish to believe in.

‘The Glass Cage’, an original musical from composer Noah Fram, breaks down what we think we know, forcing us to question our own belief in a concrete reality whilst challenging the assumptions and struggles of a woman in the military, the institutional wrongs exerted on both serving and ex-service men and women, the trauma of war and sexual assault, and the nature of memory.

(Text from Camdram)

Eve French
Sam North and Rob Nicholas
Capucine May
Eve French. Frank Underwood doing a cameo.
Eve French and Capucine May
Sam North and Capucine May
David Lawrence
Eve French and David Lawrence
David Lawrence
Sam North, Rob Nicholas, Eve French and David Lawrence

The Glas Cage will play at the ADC Theatre November 7th (2017).

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Larry Carson – Conor Dumbrell
Helen Carson – Eve French
Leah Carson – Tiffany Charnley
George Fairley – Robin Franklin
Buck Ambrose – David Lawrence
Corporal Milliken – Robert Nicholas
Victoria May – Capucine May
Doctor Tricia Sand – Ada Barume
Nurse Tate – Sam North
Narrator – Xelia Mendes-Jones
Amy Winston – Shimali De Silva

Production Team
Writer – Noah Fram
Producer – Thomas Warwick
Director – Anastasia Bruce-Jones
Publicity Manager – Alex Strouts
Sound Designer – Chris L
Deputy Stage Manager – Gabriel Humphries
Stage Manager – Amelia Parker
Lighting Designer – Armand Feuilleaubois
Deputy Stage Manager – Gabriel Humphreys
Musical Director – Michael Cullen
Assistant Director – Isadora Dooley-Hunter
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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