Disney in Trinity

Rehearsals for Disney in Trinity 3 is currently ongoing. I joined up with the Cambridge University Pops Orchestra at Trinity College yesterday to take some photos of their rehearsal. Here is a glimpse from the evening.

I arrived a bit early, so walked around in the orchestra space as the musicians were setting up and getting ready.
Josie Wastell and James Bartlett
An overview of the chapel taken from the organ balcony.
Soloist Lily Parham. The Chapel looks really grand. Note the reflections in the floor.
James Bartlett, a happy conductor
Andy Campbell-Smith, Orlando Gibbs and Zak Ghazi-Torbati. The orchestra was well lit, but the soloists did not have any spotlights on them which made for some tricky lighting. Here I have added a texture on top to soften the harsh shadows in their faces.
I snuck past the orchestra to get a photo of the choir.
Ben Glassberg
James Bartlett and Josie Wastell
The harpies know how to make an entrance! Amy Reddington, Emma Powell and Megan Henson running up the chapel.
Megan Henson and Amy Reddington
Zak Ghazi-Torbati
Toby Marlow
Toby Marlow, Andy Campbell-Smith, Charlie Houseago and Amy Reddington. Scar’s hyenas were brilliant.
Andy Campbell-Smith
Rhianna Frost

You can find the Tab review of the concert here.

Soloist – Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Emma Powell, Joe Beighton, Georgina Skinner, Lucy Prendergast, Holly Musgrave, Adi George, Rhianna Frost, Lily Parham, Olivia Gaunt,Emily Murray, Toby Marlow
Ensemble Soloist – Benedict Kearns,Andy Campbell-Smith, Amy Reddington, Charlie Houseago,Hetty Gullifer, Paige Thompson,Caroline Sautter, Ryan Rodrigues,Orlando Gibbs, Megan Henson
Soloist – Joe Pitts
Soprano – Hannah King, Rhiannon Randle, Georgina Skinner, Neha Zamvar, Fiona Fraser, Esther Nye,Josie Wastell, Hattie Hunter, Eloise Pederson
Alto – Emma Kavanagh, Rhianna Frost, Lucy Thomas, Kate Lowe,Jessica Ginn, Helen Charlston, Lily Parham, Marta Grzesciewicz
Tenor – Chris Nash, Sam Holmes,Joe Beighton, Orlando Gibbs, David Booer, Declan Corr, Charlie Houseago, Ryan Rodrigues
Bass – Josh Pacey, James Bartlett,David Lawrence, Andy Campbell-Smith, Zak Ghazi-Torbati, Louis Wilson, Jonny Venvell, Benedict Kearns

Violin – Aditya Chander, Angus Bain,Louise Ayrton, Marco Selvi, Miranda Whitmarsh, Charles Gurnham, Alex Tay, Gabriel Lim, Kate Apley, Lydia Caines, Zeena Beale, Catherine Xu,Katharine Griffiths, Chris Wan,Patrick Flynn, Stella Hadjineophytou
Viola – Nathalie Green-Buckley,Hannah Gardiner, Peter Ford, Simon Nathan, Heppy Longworth, Robert Pearce-Higgins
Cello – Geraint Ballinger, Alex Maynard, Katy Crooks, Moira Cox,Daniel Grace, Rachel Flint
Bass – Joe Cowie, Myles Nadarajah,Catherine Sutherland, Dominic Nudd
Reeds – Hele Francis, Jack Mainwaring, Jenny Whitby, Katie McLeish, Tom Gillam, Helen McKeown, Katie Miles, Phoebe McFarlane, Poppy Ellis-Logan,Freddie Brewer
Horn – Jake Rowe, Frances Leith,Esther Osorio Whewell, Imdad Sardhawala, Andy Savill
Trumpet – Katie Lodge, Matilda Lloyd, Tom Edinburgh
Trombone – Chris Gemmell, Tom Byrne, Stephen Marsh
Tuba – Will Woodall
Timpani – Susie Nathan
Percussion – Sami Alsindi, Phil Howie, Chrissie Burke, Jonathan Morell, Josh Kellie, Carl Wikeley
Harp – Eli Potter
Piano – Nadanai Laohakunakorn
Synth – Stephen Gage
Organ – Declan Corr

Production Team
Conductor – Ben Glassberg
Co-Producer – Lily Parham, Ros Ridout
Assistant Conductor – James Bartlett
Orchestrator – Simon Nathan, Declan Corr, James Bartlett, Paul Callender
Rehearsal Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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