Wasted photoshoot

Yesterday evening I met up with Mike Hood, Ian Johnston, Jake Morris, Avigail Tlalim and Lucy Moss to do a photoshoot for their play Wasted. We met up outside Emmanuel College at 7.30 pm as it was starting to get darker and headed to Parker’s Piece. Lucy had scouted Mill Road, and our plan was to head there once it got darker to take some backlit smoke photos.

This play is about three people meeting up on the anniversary of their friend’s death. The directors Lucy Moss and Kaiti Soultana have taken the creative decision that the actors alternate portraying the different roles. It will be like the audience is suffering from Prosopagnosia, inability to recognise faces. You have to tell the characters apart by the jackets they wear.

Mike Hood (the dead friend), Jake Morris, Avigail Tlalim and Ian Johnston.
The sky was a greyish wash, so we decided to try some multiexposure shot against it. Normally I would do it with one person, and then pick a tree or a building. But here we did a four people multiexposure. The tricky bit was to align them properly in camera.
On our way to Mill Road we stopped by the parking lot. There was a grating in the sign that looked inviting. It was not dark yet, but the flash was able to overpower the ambient light.
It was only when I got home that I saw what the smoke could do in the left part of the image. This is a composite, since we only had one frame with that beautiful light, so I photoshopped it into another photo with a better expression for Avigail. Now I want to play more with smoke, metal gratings and flashes.
There was an inspiring arrow on the wall. Here Lucy Moss in the air.
Our version of the Spiderman kiss photo. Ian is hanging upside down.
For this shot Lucy was to the left holding the snooted flash.
Finally on Mill Road after our little parking lot detour.
The shopkeeper got curious, and wanted to be in a photo.
A smoke photo of Jake. I could not choose between the two (left and right) so put them together into a composite shot.
A close-up of Avigail.
Ian, Jake and Avigail. Last photo of the evening.

Click on the portraits below to see them in a larger version.

The play runs May 12-16 in Corpus Playroom. You can book your tickets on the Corpus Playroom webpage.

– Johannes
Performer – Mike Hood, Ian Johnston, Jake Morris, Avigail Tlalim

Production Team
Director – Lucy Moss, Kaiti Soultana
Producer – Ru Merritt
Assistant Producer – Amy Malone
Stage Manager – Helen Spokes
Set Designer – Romilly Beddow
Lighting Designer – Romilly Beddow
Trailer Cinematographer – Louis Rogers

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