Dressed for Autumn

Today Tilda Kristiansson joined me for a photo shoot at St Eriksplan in Stockholm. It was cold and overcast, but that did not stop us. Our original plan was to head towards the newly opened Mall of Scandinavia, but we started with a few photos around St Eriksplan, and then got sidetracked. Cloudy days give a very soft light, and by moving into the archway we restricted the directions the light came from, which also gave us some beautiful shadows. Below are my favourite photos from the morning.

Tilda Kristiansson, dressed for autumn. Here I was exposing the photo for Tilda, which meant the background got overexposed. Our plan was to do a few photos at each place then move on.
A bit further down the stairs we found a nice spot. The open sky to the right provided the main light, and the lamp above lit up Tilda’s hair.
Tilda had also brought a few accessories with her. Here we were playing with the shadows on her face, by turning just a few degrees left or right the shadow patterns change quite a bit.
This photo was inspired by the old school movie stars.
We are slowly progressing forward, now we are half way down the last flight of stairs. Behind me there is open sky providing the lighting.
We randomly borrowed a dog from a friendly lady that passed by. Here are Tilda and Viggo.
Viggo’s attention is on his owner Karin Winberg.
In several of these stair photos I have cleaned up the background a bit from distracting elements.
Tilda and Viggo.
A composite photo where Tilda was standing on a small metal bucket that we then removed.
We did a few last photos in Vasaparken. Here I was holding up a branch with leaves to get some softness in the photo.
Last photo!

Many thanks to Tilda Kristiansson for a fun morning, and to Karin Winberg and Viggo for joining us on the stairs.

— Johannes

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