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One of the things that I like about photography is that it gives you an excuse to go and explore places you might not otherwise have visited. Yesterday Olivia Åhman and I took the train and bus out to Hamra Grustag, south of Stockholm, to do a photoshoot there. It was freezing cold, with beautiful blue skies and frost on the ground.

Olivia Åhman barefoot strolling down Lidavägen (which means “the road of suffering”).
Rural idyll
There was a fence next to the road. We played around with the shadows it cast.
On one of the hills was a beautiful big house.
We borrowed a friendly horse from a couple of girls for a few photos.
Turns out there were more than one quarry. In the end we got a lift from a friendly woman who took us to the big quarry. Here playing with the reflections of Olivia in the frozen pond by the quarry.
The sun was getting low, so we only had indirect light, which gave us soft shadows.
Olivia getting cold feet.
We did a few more portraits.
Here I played with the post-processing, warming the left side of the photo.


The quarry was an amazing location, we plan on returning for a longer photoshoot when we are better equipped for the weather.

Google Maps: Hamra Grustag

We also recorded some short videos that I edited together into a music video which I will post later. Many thanks to Olivia Åhman for a fun day!

— Johannes

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