Entre tension et tendresse

This past Sunday I met up with French ballet dancer Jeremie Neveu and his fiancé Chris Lamy for a dance photoshoot. It is so much fun to photograph dance in larger spaces, because it gives you more options for what we could do, especially when experimenting with a big cloth. Here are some of my favourite photos from the photoshoot.

Jeremie Neveu. The angle of the shot is really important, both to showcase the pose, and to have the light and shadows emphasise the physique. It took us quite a few tries to get all the variables in place.
Jeremie Neveu
Jeremie Neveu. Here I darkened the floor in post processing to put more emphasise on Jeremie.
Jeremie Neveu
Jeremie Neveu. You cannot do something like this in a normal apartment, so fun to make use of the extra ceiling space.
Jeremie Neveu. One more with the shirt in the air.
Jeremie Neveu. Bringing in the white cloth into the shoot.
Jeremie Neveu
Jeremie Neveu. We were experimenting with what we could do with the cloth. Here we added tension, then released the cloth to get the ripples.
Jeremie Neveu
Jeremie Neveu and Crhis Lamy
Jeremie Neveu and Chris Lamy

Many thanks to Jeremie and Chris for a fun dance photoshoot!

Instagram: Jeremie, Chris, Johannes

— Johannes

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