Summer’s Curtain Call

This Thursday evening I met up with Kale Lazarick and Heidi Salminen for an evening photoshoot in Näsbypark. The sun is already starting to set quite early, and it has become noticeably colder for each week. Summer is coming to an end. We started just around sunset and kept photographing for a few hours.

Kale Lazarick. I had scouted a location where the evening sun would cast some rays through a set of trees, but we arrived too late and had to improvise. A stone’s throw away was a small patch of field, with an open sky. It turned out to be a great location.
Heidi Salminen and Kale Lazarick. Reaching for the last rays of summer.
Heidi Salminen and Kale Lazarick. Pas de deux.
Heidi Salminen. When photographing in the evening black is usually a colour to avoid, as it reflects very little light. However, Heidi made it look good.
Kale Lazarick brought the necklace. We missed the sun, which had escaped behind the tree tops, so it did not glimmer, but it still looked pretty great.
Kale Lazarick. I like how this pose emphasises the necklace.
Kale Lazarick and Heidi Salminen were on fire, giving great pose after great pose like pros.
Kale Lazarick and Heidi Salminen

As it was getting darker and colder we decided it was time to head indoors for the second part of the photoshoot where we played with some fairy lights.

Kale Lazarick. “Wings.”
Kale Lazarick
Heidi Salminen and Kale Lazarick. It is really fun to create photos with two dancers, there are so many more variables to play around with. Here Heidi held the lights behind her, which meant she became a silhouette while Kale was lit up.
Heidi Salminen
Kale Lazarick
Kale Lazarick and Heidi Salminen

Many thanks to Heidi and Kale for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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