Exit to Enter

Yesterday the third year students at Balettakademien had their dress rehearsal at Kulturhuset for their show Exit to Enter. They performed yesterday, and will perform again tonight and tomorrow. It is a great show, you can find your tickets here.

Update: I came back on Saturday for the matiné performance, so added some of those photos here also.

Kaboom (excerpt from)
Choreography: Subjazz
Rehearsed by: Albin Lindén
Music: Armed 3 — Tommy Four Seen, V x 800 — Subjected, Venter — Ben Frost

Isak Källman
Isak Källman
Annie Dahlin and Celina Moen
Annie Dahlin
Sara Liderfors

Sis si si
Choregraphy: Charlotta Öfverholm
Music: Conny Laxell

Sigrid Welde, Sara Cordes, Paula García and Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren
Paula García and Conny Laxell
Conny Laxell, Paula García and Sigrid Welde
Sara Cordes and Sigrid Welde
Sigrid Welde and Sara Cordes
Sigrid Welde and Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren
Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren and Sigrid Welde
Paula García, Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren, Sigrid Welde and Sara Cordes
Conny Laxell, Paula García and Sigrid Welde
Sara Cordes and Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren
Sigrid Welde, Sara Cordes, Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren and Paula García
Paula García
Sara Cordes and Paula García

Choreography: Roger Lybeck
Music: Nani, Nani, Mummies Baby — Lullabies of Europe, Looking Back — Rodrigo Amarante, From the First Movement — Nial Byrne, Håll mitt hjärta — Björn Skifs
Text: Åsa N Åström
Voice: Elin Klinga

Julia Kristiansen, Hanna Becker, Johanna Ekström and Julia Kristoffersson
Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir, Hanna Becker and Julia Kristoffersson
Julia Kristoffersson
Hanna Becker
Julia Kristoffersson

Choreography: Betty Mansion
Rehearsal assistant: Paula García
Music: My Name Is — Zinhle, Wish I Didn’t Miss You — Angie Stone, Summertime — Marc Rebillet

Annie Dahlin
Sara Liderfors
Elise Rosnes, Annie Dahlin, Lotta Asmyhr and Julia Kristoffersson
Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir, Sara Liderfors, Johanna Ekström, Elise Rosnes and Annie Dahlin
Celina Moen

Watts Variations
Choreography: Tom Weinberger
Rehearsal assistant: Tina Peschel
Music: Myth of Myself — Alan Watts, Joseph Shabasson — 3 Gymnopédies: No. 1, Lent et douloureux, Keyboard concerto No. 5 JSB

Isak Källman
Hanna Becker
Matilda Caspersson, Sigrid Welde and Julia Kristiansen
Sara Cordes and Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren
Sigrid Welde

Röd (excerpt from)
Choreogprahy: Örjan Andersson
Rehearsed by: Arina Trostyanetskaya
Music: Chamber Symphony, String Quartet No 8. — Dimitry Shostakovich

Elise Rosnes
Elise Rosnes
Julia Kristoffersson and Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren
Hanna Becker and Sara Cordes
Annie Dahlin, Isak Källman, My Sundén and Paula García.

Dancers: Professional Dancers Education, Balettakademien Stockholm, Graudation year 2023
Isak Källman, Elise Rosnes, Matlda Caspersson, Sara Liderfors, Julia Kristoffersson,  Ólöf Ósk Þorgeirsdóttir, Lotta Asmyhr, Celina Fløisand Moen, Sara Cordes, Julia Kristiansen, Paula García, Alice Berg Jansson, Sigrid Welde, Johanna Eksröm, Annie Dahlin, Hanna Becker, Sylvia Shafiq Ahlgren, My Sundén

Örjan Andersson, Tom Weinberger, Betty Mansion, Charlotta Öfverholm, Roger Lybeck and Subjazz

Light: Palle Palmé
Tour manager: Sandra Thelander
Artistic supervisor: Eytan Sivak
Artistic director of Balettakademien: Jan Åström

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