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This past Sunday Wilma Jägstål, Olivia Sears and Mirjam Þora Jones from House of Shapes came to Näsbypark for a dance photoshoot. We used the Green Room and had the day started with cloudy skies giving a soft light, but towards the end we also got a bit of direct sunlight and harder shadows.

Wilma Jägstål. I usually ask the dancers to bright a few brighter outfits for the Green Room, since that makes for great contrast against the darker green walls.
Mirjam Þora Jones
Mirjam Þora Jones
Wilma Jägstål, creatively styled by Olivia who came up with the idea to hold the shoes.
Olivia Sears in the classic ripped jeans.
Olivia Sears. I always challenge the dancers to use the chair in new creative ways.
Mirjam Þora Jones
Wilma Jägstål
Wilma Jägstål
Mirjam Þora Jones. Despite the cloudy skies the sun peaked through the cloud cover from time to time, and when it did we rushed to get some photos with the beautiful light.
Olivia, Mia and Wilma. No photoshoot is complete without a few group photos.
Olivia Sears
Wilma Jägstål
Mia, Oliva and Wilma

Many thanks to Wilma, Olivia and Mia for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Wilma, Olivia, Mia, Johannes

— Johannes

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