Fängselfesten 2019

Yesterday we had a reunion at the Royal Institute of Technolog, and it was great to see so many of my old classmates. At Engineering Physics (Teknisk Fysik) each year gets a name starting with a F, ours was “Fängsel”, which is a play on the Swedish word “fängslande” that means “captivating” and “handfängsel” which is handcuffs (there is a story behind that).

Rikard Gothäll. When you did not bring a flash you have to look for the natural light sources.
Filippa Hasselström and Johannes Hjorth
Anna Hurley and Dilman Abu Bakr
Katarina Bröms and Martin Syberg. Everyone had their picture taken when we started studying.
Cecilia Forss
Johan Hellsvik telling stories about grading a thermo dynamics question he posed to the student last year: “What takes more energy: Google computing ten of your questions online, or boiling a litre of water?”
Martin Syberg, Marcus Philip
Katarina Bröms. In the background Carl Forsmark looking up the lyrics for Kalmarvisan.


Uti Kalmare stad,
ja, där finns det ingen kvast
förrän lördagen.
     Hej dick
     Hej dack,
     jag slog i
     och vi drack.
     Hej dickom dickom dack,
     hej dickom dickom dack.
För uti Kalmare stad,
ja, där finns det ingen kvast
förrän lördagen.
||:  När som bonden kommer hem
     kommer bondekvinnan ut :||
är så stor i sin trut.
     Hej . . .
||:  Var är pengarna du fått?
     Jo, dom har jag supit opp :||
uppå Kalmare slott.
     Hej . . .
||:  Jag ska mäla dej an
     för vår kronbefallningsman :||
och du ska få skam.
     Hej . . .
||:  Kronbefallningsmannen vår
     satt på krogen igår :||
och var full som ett får.
     Hej . . .

Robert Johansson, Gunnar Troili and Johannes Hjorth
Katarina Bröms and Filippa Hasselström
Martin Tiberg and Moa Söderhielm

Many thanks to Cecilia Forss and Greger Laurin who organised the reunion, and to everyone who came! It was wonderful to see you all!

You can find more of my photos on Facebook, and also check out Dan Tilert’s photos (link to be posted).

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