This afternoon I visited the Blythe room in Clare colony where the cast of Fen was rehearsing. It is quite interesting to see the creative process behind the play, a peek into what happens behind the scenes as the characters take form and the narrative is created. After their rehearsal we had a bit of time to do a few photos outside. There were some great steam vents billowing out smoke, great for creating a bit of atmosphere.

The fens, east of Cambridge, have been underwater, drained, and reclaimed. They say its earth is so fertile that if you scoop up a handful you’ll grow three fingers before you throw it down again. Real people make their lives here, but the wild is always close at hand. The stories passed around are of daughters, fathers, lovers, foxes, twins, women, fishers, men.

Text from Camdram.

Posey Mehta, Marta Murphy, Os Leanse, Benedict Clarke, Sarah Creedy Smith. There was a spotlight on the wall behind, so I sidestepped so that it would create a halo around Benedict.
Os Leanse, Martha Murphy, Sarah Creedy Smith and Benedict Clarke
Benedict Clarke, Os Leanse, Sarah Creedy Smith, Martha Murphy and Louis Rogers. Again, playing with the spotlight to create a halo behind Sarah.

After the rehearsal we headed outside, where we had a bit better light, for some promotion photos.

Benedict Clarke and Os Leanse. Steam from a nearby vent added atmosphere to the shot.
Martha Murphy and Sarah Creedy Smith. Sisters-in-law in the play, here we tried to capture the divide between them.
Os Leanse and Martha Murphy
Posey Mehta

Reviews: Varsity (4/5), Tab (4/5)

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Marco – Os Leanse
Ruben – Louis Norris
Polly – Martha Murphy
Isobel – Emma Corrin
Mattie – Sarah Creedy Smith
Margot – Posey Mehta
Arch – Benedict Clarke

Production Team
Director – Louis Rogers
Producer – Rose Payne
Set Designer – Evelyn Whorrall-Campbell
Lighting Designer – Ana Pluskoska
Cinematographer – Frank Martin
Costume Designer – Eva O’Flynn
Production Designer – Hannah Machover
Deputy Stage Manager – Ben Martineau
Sound Designer – Chris L
Assistant Producer – Millie Hooper
Associate Designer – Jack Parham
Assistant Lighting Designer – Irma Franz
Producer – Alex Barnett, Lewis Scott
Stage Manager – Lisa Bernhardt
Technical Director – Daniel Christopher
Associate Designer – Nell Whittaker
Rehearsal Photographer – Johannes Hjorth, Meggie Lönngren Sampaio

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