This evening I met up with the cast of Salome for a photoshoot at Wolfson College. The entire cast had white makeup which gave them a ghostly appearance. All the photos were shot with a single flash. We started outside, then went inside into the senior combination room which has nice wooden panels.

Your flesh is white like the lily of the field the mower never cut. Not the white roses in the garden of the Queen of India, nor the white feet of the dawn when she treads on the leaves of the forest are as white as is your flesh, Iokanaan. Let me touch your flesh.’ Iokanaan, imprisoned by King Herod, raves of the coming Christ. The princess Salome, entranced by the prophet’s beauty, is determined to have him in her power. Oscar Wilde’s play is written in a poetically repetitive, musical prose, with a cadence like that of the King James Bible, and creates an atmosphere of foreboding while the play moves towards its bloody and erotic climax. This production will employ violent and abstract lighting effects, an electronic soundtrack, and a formulaic movement style influenced by the classical theatre of China. Presented in a new translation from the French by Thomas Stell.

(Description from ADC Theatre)

Griffin Twemlow, Eduardo Strike, John Wheatley
Natalie Reeve, Wendy Choi
Eduardo Strike, Thomas Stell
Natalie Reeve, Gwen Davis, Wendy Choi
Gwen Davis, Thomas Stell
Gwen Davis, Thomas Stell
Gwen Davis, Eduardo Strike, Maria Zicos
Thomas Stell, Alex Busch, Gwen Davis
Thomas Stell, Maria Zicos, Alex Busch, John Wheatley, Eduardo Strike, Natalie Reeve, Gwen Davis

Review: TCS (7/10), Varsity (3/5)

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The Young Syrian – Wendy Choi
Page of Herodias – Natalie Reeve
First Soldier – John Wheatley
Second Soldier – Griffin Twemlow
Salome – Gwen Davis
Herod – Eduardo Strike
Herodias – Maria Zicos
Tigellinus – Alex Busch
Iokanaan – Thomas Stell

Production Team
Assistant Director – Anastasia Bruce-Jones
Director – Thomas Stell
Producer – Isla Phillips
Co-Producer – Christian Harvey
Dramaturge – Štefan Benčík
Composer – Andrew Garner
Stage Manager – Lucy Cole
Choreographer – Lydia Phillips-Lea
Lighting Director – William Eustace
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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