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This past Sunday Wilma Wictorin visited Näsbypark for a dance photoshoot. We only had a few hours, as Wilma had been teaching before lunch, and had another teaching session in the evening. Here is a glimpse from our photoshoot.

Wilma Wictorin
Wilma Wictorin

My name is Wilma Wictorin and I graduated from Danscenter Fryshuset professional education in spring 2019. Some of my teachers throughout the years has told me that I’m more of a dancer than I am human, which I think is kind of funny since that’s exactly what It feels like.

Dancing has always felt natural for me emotionally, ever since I started dancing in my living room as a 5 year old, trying to imitate celebrity’s music videos.

I love dancing in heels just as much as being barefoot and freestyle by my self. I also feel like hiphop is a style close to heart, but even closer I would say the magical combination of contemporary and jazz. I teach several days a week now since 3 weeks back and am so excited for whats next to come for me now that restriction’s and world is opening up again.

Dancing has always found it’s way back to me when I sometimes thought I’ve lost it, even if I never really did lost it. When I dance by myself, for myself and in a way that feels true to me – that is when I feel the most calm yet alive within myself.

Wilma Wictorin
Wilma Wictorin
Wilma Wictorin
Wilma Wictorin

Many thanks to Wilma for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Wilma, Johannes

— Johannes

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