Floss at Fringe

Floss is a new Cambridge Footlights sketch show by Eleanor Colville, Orlando Gibbs and Dillon Mapletoft that is going to Edinburgh now in August. We met up to do a poster photoshoot at Trinity College. Here is a selection of photos from the evening.

Orlando Gibbs, Eleanor Colville and Dillon Mapletoft
A strong female lead carrying her fellow actors on the shoulder.
We were playing around with different angles. Here I found a fire escape to climb.
One more shot of Orlando, Eleanor and Dillon from the steps of the stairs.
Alleys and corridors make for great light as you can get a big soft lightsource from one (or two) directions.
Eleanor, Dillon and Orlando
A few final shots in an archway.
Some might say they are a close knit group.
Final photo that was used for the poster.

Keep an eye out for their show in Edinburgh this August!

Writer-Performer – Eleanor Colville, Orlando Gibbs, Dillon Mapletoft

Production Team
Producer – Joe Winters
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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