Geneva Hackathon 2017

This week the Human Brain Project hosted a Hackathon at EPFL in Geneva. The purpose of the event was to bring together neuroscientists and developers so that we could work together on numerous projects. This is a great initiative, as face-to-face contact with other people working on similar things is very helpful, and it also fosters collaboration between groups that might be geographically quite spread out.

I brought my camera along for a couple of the days, and here is a glimpse from our Hackathon.

Work in progress. Lungsi Sharma, Robin Gutzen and Michael von Papen
Elodie Legouee, Sara Saray, Shailesh Appukuttan and Alexander Kozlov
Stefano Casali reflected in the computer code on his laptop screen.
Science in progress. Dimitri Rodarie, Till Schumann, Andrew Davison (back), Christian Rössert and Eilif Muller
The view from the sixth floor terrace is pretty nice.
Sara Saray
Sara Saray, Carmen Lupascu and Stefano Casali
Carmen Lupascu
Stefano Casali
Johannes Hjorth, photographed by Carmen Lupascu.
Sara Saray and Carmen Lupascu
Liesbeth Vanherpe was trying to work when Werner discovered that he could insert random photos into their shared google presentation. Enter Boris Johnson.
Liesbeth Vanherpe presentation, sans Boris.
Shailesh Appukuttan
South African styled barbecue.
Elodie Legouee
Katrien van Look
I have never realised how fast the moon moves across the horizon. I noticed that it had almost aligned with the peak, and as I watched it moved into alignment. Since I only had my 50mm lens with me, this is a pretty crazy crop.
Human Brian Project Geneva Hackathon 2017, it is not everyone, but a good number of us. Luca Leonardo Bologna, Sam Yates, Annapaola Santarsiero, Armando Romani, Akos Hencz, Fabrice Gaillard, Carmen Alina Lupascu, Liesbeth Vanherpe, Michele Migliore, Genrich Ivaska, Jean-Denis Courcol, Eilif Muller, Werner Van Geit, Arseniy Povolotskiy, Sara Saray, Stefan Eilemann, Shailesh Appukuttan, Katrien Van Look, Elodie Legouee, Pedro Garcia Rodriguez, Ben Cumming, B. Lungsi Sharma, Robin Gutzen, Till Schumann, Elisabetta Lavarone, Johannes Hjorth, Alex Peyser, Michael von Papen, Bernd Schuller

A big thank you to Katrien van Look, Dace Stiebrina and Raquel Freitas Pezzetti who organised the Human Brain Project Geneva Hackathon and to all participants who made it a great workshop.

— Johannes

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