Lady of the Lake

This week I am in Geneva for a Humain Brain Project workshop. Last time I went here for work I did not bring a camera, but this time I had brought my old Nikon D700 and my trusted 50 mm lens with me. I had also been in touch with three Swedish dancers working at Ballet Junior de Genève and we had decided to meet up one evening for a dance photoshoot. The city is beautifully located by Lake Geneva, so I met up with Sofia, Olivia and Adam and together we walked north to the Parc Mon Repos. Sofia, Olivia and Adam are all classically trained at the Royal Ballet Academy, but their style is more modern with more emphasis on motion and emotion than on the strict lines. It was great fun, and we had such luck with the weather, as it rained heavily the next day. Here are the photos from our photoshoot.

Sofia perched on the stone wall by the walk way.
When photographing on the street it is fun to try and include some of the people passing by. Here we had found a spot in a patch of sunlight for Sofia, leaving the people in the background in the shadows.
Adam and Olivia. Here I was lying down on the ground to get a low angle so the sun would be more prominent in our shot.
Adam holding up a flower to Olivia while the sun streams through her hair.
We saw some beautiful flowers on the stone wall, so we decided to go down to the water line. There we met a new little friend who was out discovering the world.

Sofia. A quick wardrobe change and a couple of steps into the water later. By shooting with a minimal background, we are more focused on her stance.

Adam and Olivia. This is way trickier than it looks with the waves rolling in.

Adam. We did this several times, it must take some crazy leg strength to hold this pose for more than a second.
High key portrait of Sofia.
Adam, Olivia and Sofia looking out over Lake Geneva.

Olivia in a patch of sunlight during golden hour.
Adam and Sofia on a park bench silhouetted against the sky.
We had originally planned to photograph by the fountain, but we did not make it all the way there.

A huge thank you to Sofia, Olivia and Adam for a great photoshoot by Lake Geneva! I am so glad we managed to coordinate this 1600 km away from home.

If you want to see more dance photos, check the dance category on the blog.

— Johannes

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