Geneva Hackathon 2019

Last week we had another Human Brain Project Hackathon in Geneva. These workshops are great for focused work, as you have everyone involved in the same location, which speeds things up a lot. I was working on integrating our Striatal microcircuitry into the big HBP pipeline, which we do through the SONATA file format.

Genrich Ivaska, Arseny Povolotsky
Werner van Geit, Luca Bologna and Shailesh Appukuttan
Team Basal Ganglia: Alex Kozlov and Johannes Hjorth.
Elisa Marenzi and Stefano Casali
Andrew Hale
Chaitanya Medini and Stefano Casali
Shailesh Appukuttan
Standing: Pavlo Getta, Pablo Serna, Elisabetta Giacalone, Neil Bruce, David Kunzmann, Alexander Dietz, Stefano Casali, Elisa Marenzi, Stefano Masoli, Martina Rizza, Luca L. Bologna, Jean-Denis Coucol, Dimitri Rodarie, Chaitanya Medini, Genrich Ivaska, Andrew Hale, Werner Van Geit
Kneeling: Stefano Antonel, Michele Migliore, Andrew Davison, Katrien Van Look, Felix Schürmann, Shailesh Appukuttan, Yoni Leibner

Thanks to the organisers and everyone involved for another great Hackathon!
— Johannes

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