Sparreholm Photoshoot

Photographing horses is something a bit new to me, I had only done it a few times with my cousin Madeleine and with my brother’s family in Småland, but never a dedicated horse photoshoot. So when I was asked if I would be interested in photographing horses, it sounded like a fun challenge. After some planning we decided that we wanted to catch the sun rising. So really early one January morning I met up with Johanna Due-Boje, Lina Dolk, Cecilia Bergåkra and Selma Klar. We drove over to Sparreholm in darkness, and arrived before sunrise to get the horses ready. Below are some of my favourite photos from the photoshoot. This project was done in collaboration with Ridsportens Innovationer (Instagram) and SAAB, check the link to learn more about their projects and collaborations with horse dressage riders.

Johanna Due-Boje. We arrived about an hour before sunrise, then quickly prepared the horses and headed up a hill. One thing you quickly learn is that the horses’ ears are really expressive, and you want to capture them when they are alert and interested.
It was a very cold morning, but that also meant that the horses’ breath turned into fog, which makes for beautiful photos.
Lina Dolk, Cecilia Bergåkra and Johanna Due-Boje
Lina Dolk, Cecilia Bergåkra and Johanna Due-Boje

For the second half of the photoshoot we headed out into a snow covered field. Our plan was to use smoke grenades. Horses are not big fans of the smoke, but luckily we had three very talented riders, so we managed to position them in such a way that the horses tolerated the smoke in the background.

Cecilia Bergåkra, Johanna Due-Boje and Lina Dolk. I really like how the purple smoke creates a magical feel to the image.
Lina Dolk, Cecilia Bergåkra and Johanna Due-Boje. Sunflares and smoke, magic!
Cecilia Bergåkra and Johanna Due-Boje

We ended the day with some portraits by the horses in the orange sunlight.

Johanna Due-Boje
Lina Dolk
Cecilia Bergåkra

Many thanks to Johanna, Lina, Cecilia and Selma for a fun photoshoot!

Instagram: Ridsportens innovationer, Johanna, Lina, Cecilia, Selma, Johannes

— Johannes

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