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This past Friday I finally got the keys to my new apartment and I wanted to do a photoshoot before the renovation started. The apartment is quite scruffy looking and there were not yet any furniture there, which made for a great photoshoot location. I messaged Lisa Scharp to ask if she was up for a spontaneous photoshoot, and she recruited her friend Nathalie Wiberg from Balettakademien. We met up at Vida Pole, to pick up one of their portable poles and drove to the apartment. Our plan was to do a combined dance and pole dance photoshoot. We had cloudy skies so the light was very soft, ideal conditions for great photos.

Lisa Scharp in the living room. I think I am going to really like these big windows that let in so much light.
Lisa Scharp. We worked on framing her in the window, playing around with different poses.
Nathalie Wiberg
Lisa Scharp. Taking a step into the apartment, we got a bit of light falloff, giving nice shadows. Here you can see the straw wallpapers that the previous owner put up in the background.
Lisa Scharp
It was Lisa’s birthday the day after, so we decided to include some ballons in the photoshoot.
Lisa Scharp and Nathalie Wiberg. I have previously found that taking photos from straight overhead is quite difficult, because either you are too far to the side, or you can not see through the viewfinder. One of the perks of my new camera is that it has a tiltable screen. I had forgotten about it, but suddenly remembered, and realised that this was a pretty good occasion to try it out.
We should have double checked the height of the pole before we moved it all the way out to Näsbypark.
We tried to do a few pole dance photos on the shorter pole, which turned out to be more challenging than expect.
Nathalie Wiberg, experimenting with framings I decided to try and shoot it from inside the apartment.

A big thank you to Lisa and Nathalie for joining me on this spontaneous weekend photoshoot.

To see more dance photos, check the dance category on the blog.

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— Johannes

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