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Yesterday I did my second dance photoshoot in my new apartment, this time together with Sara Larsson and Lotta Salonen fromĀ Balettakademien in Stockholm. We met up just before lunch time, with the sun shining straight into my living room from the south. This was our first photoshoot together, and the first time I had photographed at this time of day in the living room, so we started experimenting a bit to see what would work best for us. One of the things that was quite fun to play around with was the shadows cast on the floor. As the sun progressed west over the sky, we also got a patch of nice shade just to the right of the window which had great light.

Sara Larsson is insanely flexible.
Here we experimented with the shadow cast on the floor. There is a second photo where Sara is standing a bit closer to the window and her entire shadow is visible, but I prefer this one as she is better separated from the background.
Sara Larsson. Stepping into the room.
Lotta Salonen. Here we tried the other side of the wall. One of the first shots we got was this, and then we spent quite a bit of time trying to recreate the fantastic hair look in a second photo.
Sara Larsson. We are back at the first wall again, working with hair tosses and lines.
Lotta Salonen. We originally shot this completely in the shade, but by Lotta moving forward a bit we could get her hair lit by the sun which looked better.
Sara Larsson. Until I invest in a proper studio background I have to resort to photoshop to create a plain backdrop. Here I removed the floor and a piece of the window to give the picture a cleaner look and focus it more on the jump.
Lotta Salonen
Sara Larsson. This pose might look deceptively simple, but it is not.
Last photo of the day. We are back in the window, completing the circle.

Many thanks to Sara and Lotta for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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