Hao to dance

Hao Feng visited Stockholm as part of his grand European touristing tour before returning to the US after a year in Cambridge. We took the opportunity to do a dance photoshoot. Here are some photos showing you “Hao to dance”.

Hao jumping on Raul Wallenberg’s torg. Most of the ground was in shadows, but there was a patch of light coming through from Berzelii parken that Hao jumped into.
An old lady eating her dinner in silence, oblivious to the dancing that happened behind her.
Jumping ship.
The Chapman ship, rumour has it that the ship is a hostel. I never investigated that further.
Incorporating the clouds in the photo.
Hao to use stairs.
We also did a set of photos in a tunnel under the railway tracks. There was a set of fluorescent lights that illuminated the concrete wall, and I then added a flash on the left to illuminate Hao better.
Jumping on to the wall for a split second. The light in the tunnel was so good that we stayed there for quite a while.
We were trying to work with different lines in the pose. By changing the framing a little bit we also incorporated the shadow in the shot.
A spiderman inspired photo.
Some stretching after the photos.
One last shot before it was time to pack up. Here we were using a longer exposure, with a rear synched flash to freeze the image of Hao at the end of the exposure.
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