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There is a skateboard area in Rålambshovsparken under the bridge. Yesterday I met up with Trixie Eklöf, Nicole Kolehmainen and Josephine Kolehmainen to do a dance photoshoot there. Later in the evening we were also joined by Arthur Kolehmainen. Yesterday was also the day of the Stockholm Half Marathon, so there were lots of runners passing by, and a live band playing not far from where we were.

Nicole Kolehmainen striking a jazzy pose. The background was a bit distracting so first I desaturated the greens, but in the end I did local adjustments to get the effect I wanted.
Trixie Eklöf jumping. First we did a few normal jumps, but then we came up with the idea of throwing the jacket at the same time. Getting the timing right was trickier than we had first thought.
Right next to the bridge was a beach volleyball court with sand. Here Josephine Kolehmainen is spinning around. I have darkened the background and brightened the sand a bit to make it more visible. This is probably best done during night time with a flash, but it was quite fun.
A simple portrait of Josephine.
Trixie striking a pose in front of one of the pillars.
We caught a bit of the orange light reflected in a building on the other side. Here Josephine strikes a low pose.
Trixie in the orange light.
Josephine Kolehmainen
Nicole Kolehmainen
Trixie Eklöf
Josephine Kolehmainen. Here we have an off camera flash on the left to light up the smoke.
The siblings. Josephine, Arthur and Nicole.
As the sun set lights turned on under the bridge, so we headed to the other side to see what we could do with them. Here Trixie is doing a jump on the sloping ground.
Trixie and Nicole.
We then started experimenting a bit more with shadows.
Arthur got to act the model for a bit.
Behind the scenes.
One last shadow puppeteer photo before we switched over to shooting a bit of video. Here Josephine and Nicole, with Trixie making the shadow in the background.

Here is the short dance video that we made:

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