Henry V

This week Shakespeare’s Henry V plays at the Cambridge Arts Theatre. The play is directed by Lisa Blair, and stars students from Cambridge University. The Cambridge Tab has an interview with Lisa on their webpage. The dress rehearsal for Henry V was yesterday, and I got a chance to photograph it. Here are the photos from the evening.

Aoife Kennan (Chorus) opened the play with a monologue. Here I am standing right at the edge of the scene. All photos were taken with my 50 mm lens.
Henry Jenkinson (Montjoy) and Mark Milligan (Henry) in foreground, Rebecca Hare, Will Peck, Robbie Taylor Hunt, Marco Young in background. The stage at the Cambridge Arts Theatre is huge. This meant I had to move back and forth a lot, since I could not zoom with my prime lens. I soon learned which seats had gaps between them so I could move between the rows quickly.
Ryan Monk (Nym) and Will Flinn (Pistol) fighting in foreground, Olivia Le Andersen (Mistress Quickly) and Laura Inge (Bardolph) looking on. With such a big stage and the actors spread out there is often a way to make sure everyone is visible. Here I moved side ways to get a clear view of everyone.
Mark Milligan (Henry) in foreground, Rosanna Suppa (Gower) and Orlando Gibbs (Macmorris). The backdrop was simple, but had a few details which I could work with for framing. Here I am shooting vertical to get the vertical metal bars as a frame. Because of the perspective they tilt inwards at the top, which could have been corrected in Photoshop.
Mark Milligan (Henry) with James Hancock-Evans (Cambridge) in foreground, Rebecca Hare (Grey) kneeling, Rosanna Suppa and Orlando Gibbs behind. Similar composition as the last photo but shot horizontal instead.
Robbie Taylor Hunt (Westmoreland), Will Peck (Canterbury), Mark Milligan (Henry), Marco Young (Exeter). Mark Milligan does many different great expressions, it is like a little Christmas going through the photos to see what I managed to capture.
Will Flinn (Pistol) and Olivia Le Andersen (Mistress Quickly). By using a hazer and coloured lights they could create a lot of interesting light on the minimalistic stage.
Orlando Gibbs (Orléans), Seb Sutcliffe (Dauphin), Ed (King of France), Henry Jenkinson (Montjoy), Marco Young (Exeter), James Hancock-Evans (Constable)
Ed (King of France) and Marco Young (Exeter) in foreground, Seb Sutcliffe, Henry Jenkinson and James Hancock-Evans behind
Aoife Kennan (Chorus)
The bright explosions made for great silhouette shots.
Mark Milligan (Henry), with Rebecca Hare (Governor) kneeling, and Dom Ryan, Will Peck, Rosanna Suppa behind. Here I wanted to make Rebecca stand out more so moved until she was framed by the orange light.
Lili Thomas (Alice) and Léa de Garnier des Garets (Katherine)
Mark Milligan (Henry) and Henry Jenkinson (Montjoy) in foreground, Sam Grabiner (Fluellen), Robbie Taylor Hunt (Westmoreland), Will Peck (Canterbury) and Rosanna Suppa (Gower) behind
Mark Milligan (Henry) in foreground, Robbie Taylor Hunt, Marco Young and Will Peck behind. Shooting from the front of the stage I get a very low angle, which can make for interesting compositions.
Ryan Monk (Williams), Laura Inge (Bates) and Mark Milligan (Henry). Here again I am playing around with the composition, rather than putting them at the centre I tried with them at the top to see how it would change the photo.
Mark Milligan (Henry), with his “band of brothers”
Orlando Gibbs (Orléans), James Hancock-Evans (Contable) and Seb Sutcliffe (Dauphin)
Battle scene with Rebecca Hare (Soldier), Mark Milligan (Henry), Orlando Gibbs (Orléans), James Hancock-Evans (Constable) and Seb Sutcliffe (Dauphin)
Orlando Gibbs (Orléans) carrying off Dom Ryan (Boy). This play is a visual feast.
Mark Milligan (Henry) reading the number of the deceased, with Robbie Taylor Hunt, Marco Young and Sam Grabiner in the background
Mark Milligan (Henry) in foreground, with Henry Jenkinson (Montjoy), Ed (King of France) and Léa de Garnier des Garets (Katherine) in background.
Léa de Garnier des Garets (Katherine) and Mark Milligan (Henry)
The final scene of the play: Lili Thomas (Alice), Ed (King of France), Henry Jenkinson (Montjoy), Léa de Garnier des Garets (Katherine), Will Peck (Canterbury), Mark MIlligan (Henry), Aoife Kennan (Chorus), Robbie Taylor Hunt (Westmoreland), Marco Young (Exeter), Rebecca Hare (Soldier).
Ed, Léa de Garnier des Garets, Robbie Taylor Hunt, Will Flinn, Ryan Monk, Henry Jenkinson, Orlando Gibbs, Seb Sutcliffe Middle: Will Peck, Marco Young, Lili Thomas, Lisa Blair, Mark Milligan, Aoife Kennan, Rebecca Hare Bottom: Atri Banerjee, Sam Grabiner, James Hancock-Evans, Rosanna Suppa, Dom Ryan, Olivia Le Andersen, Laura Inge

The play looks stunning! Kudos to the lighting designer Derek Anderson. To book your ticket, hop over to Cambridge Arts Theatre’s webpage.

– Johannes

Reviews: The Cambridge Student (6/10), The Tab (68/100), Varsity (3/5)

Henry – Mark Milligan
Exeter – Marco Young
Westmoreland – Robbie Taylor Hunt
Fluellen – Sam Grabiner
Quickly – Olivia Le Andersen
Boy/Scroop – Dom Ryan
Montjoy – Henry Jenkinson
Grey – Rebecca Hare
Nym/Williams – Ryan Monk
Katherine – Léa de Garnier des Garets
Dauphin – Seb Sutcliffe
Cambridge/Constable – James Hancock-Evans
Chorus – Aoife Kennan
Gower – Rosanna Suppa
Alice – Lili Thomas
Canterbury – Will Peck
King of France – Ed Eus tace
Pistol – Will Flinn
Macmorris/Orleans – Orlando Gibbs
Bardolph/Bates – Laura Inge

Production Team
Director – Lisa Blair
Assistant Director – Atri Banerjee
Assistant Designer – Jack Parham, Yasmin Hafesji
Music Supervisor – Henry Jenkinson
Producer – Grace Joseph
Designer – Sophie Thomas
Fight Director – Robbie Taylor Hunt
DSM – Kit Fowler
ASM – Lizzie Hibbert, Charlotte Ivers
Dress Rehearsal Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Assistant Lighting Designer – Shanti Daffern

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