Awkward conversations

A glimpse from the dress rehearsal from this¬†awkward play by Rob Hayes. Starring Chris Born, and directed by Nisha Emish. The set is very spartan, but Chris’ brilliant acting more than makes up for it. The Tab has written a preview for the play.

With just one spot light you can get pretty dramatic lighting. Here the dog bowl was placed on the bed to give some context.
Chris acting is impecable. I just needed to be on my toes to capture it all.
This photo was done using a strobe. We were doing many different tests, with either him jumping around changing his expression, or me waving the camera around to make sure his faces did not overlap too much.


Get your tickets here.

Reviews: Varsity (4/5)

Bobby – Chris Born

Production Team
Director – Nisha Emich
Assistant Director – Laura Waldren
Movement choreographer – Rose Reade
Publicity designer – Atri Banerjee
Producer – Lanikai Krishnadasan Torrens
Associate Director – Jake Morris
Tech Wizard – Charlie Houseago
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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