His Dark Materials

The theatre duo Myles O’Gorman and Gaia Fay Lambert are putting on another play together. This time they are doing His Dark Materials by Nicholas Wright and Philip Pullman for the ADC on Tour. I met up with them and their cast in Cambridge for a photoshoot.

From Camdram:

When the children of Oxford go missing, it is down to Lyra and her daemon to save them. But all that Lyra knows is turned upside down when she crosses into another world and meets Will. As the threads of the universe unravel, these fateful companions enter an unimaginable quest that could change the course of everything…

Eduardo Strike and Ben Martineau as two angels. “It was painful to be parted from you.”
Ella Blackburn, Calum Maney and Ben Martineau.
Calum Maney, Ella Blackburn, Jamie Wigley and Ben Martineau.
Annabelle Haworth as the evil Mrs Coulter.
Calum Maney, Anna Bullard, Ben Martineau, Olly Francis, Eduardo Strike and Jamie Wigley
Joe Tyler Todd, Ben Martineau, Anna Bullard, Eduardo Strike, Jamie Wigley
Calum Maney, Ella Blackburn and Oliver Jones
XXX, Eduardo Strike, Anna Bullard and Ben Martineau. Two bears fighting. Photographing in direct sunlight give very harsh light, so here we instead went for a backlit photo, and picked a darker background to make the actors stand out.

“War is the sea I swim in and the air I breathe.”

Ben Martineau and Eduardo Strike.
Amelia Hills and Annabelle Haworth
Annabelle Haworth and Amelia Hills. No actors were harmed during the making of this photo.
Amelia Hills
Olly Francis, Anna Bullard, Annabelle Haworth, Ben Martineau and Eduardo Strike
Annabelle Haworth. Our take on the Iron Throne.
Annabelle Haworth
Gaia Faye Lambert and Myles Gorman. Myles really wanted this photo…

A few more extra photos for fun.

Anna Bullard and Olly Francis
Anna Bullard and Olly Francis

They were having a good go at each other for the above photo. Below is a little behind the scenes video.

Anna Bullard and Lisa Bernhardt
Lisa Bernhardt, Olly Francis and Anna Bullard

You can see His Dark Materials at Fitzwilliam Museum July 27 to August 4 2018. A big thank you to the wonderful cast for a fun photoshoot!

To see more theatre photos, check the theatre category on the blog.

Lyra Belacqua – Ella Blackburn
Will Parry – Oliver Jones
Pantalaimon – Calum Maney
Lord Asriel – Joe Tyler Todd
Mrs Coulter – Annabelle Haworth
Serafina/Ensemble – Juliet Martin
Iorek/Ensemble – Ben Martineau
Lord Boreal/Ensemble – Eduardo Strike
Ensemble – Anna Bullard, Francesca Bertoletti, Olly Francis, Amelia Hills, Jamie Wigley

Production Team
Producer – Gaia Fay Lambert
Company Manager – Ruth Parker
Director – Myles O’Gorman
Assistant Director – Joy Gingell
Technical Director – Zoë Cavendish
Set Designer – Shali Reddy
Lighting Designer – Johnny King
Sound Designer – Chris L
Photographer – Laura Wells
Stage Manager – Lisa Bernhardt
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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