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Charlotte Cromie has written a new play that won the Harry Porter and received good reviews when it played in Cambridge, so she and the cast are taking it to Edinburgh Fringe in August. We met up at Murray Edward’s College for a photoshoot in the sun.

‘Same old story here. When women start getting prophetic, total arseholes stop getting laid.’

Maddy and Jim’s relationship is having problems. Amazingly, it’s not because Jim has forgotten her name. Maddy has suddenly become prophetic, and she doesn’t like it one bit – try having sex with someone who you can see decomposing. She soon discovers there’s a gigantic prophetic community out there. As she ventures through Prophetics Anonymous, the Prophetic Pride movement, the disheartening futures of her primary school students, and a startling discovery about her boss, Jim tries to support her while also trying to remember her name.

Text from Camdram.

Sophie Atherton. The metal wires in the glass together with the colder white balance gives the picture an eerie feeling.
Sophie Atherton. The white balance makes a huge difference, this photo was literarily taken the minute after, but with a warmer white balance. A completely different feel.
Sophie Atherton
Henry Phillips, Sophie Atherton and Will Hale

MADDY: …I was hoping for some kind of… cure? Shocked silence.
DAVE: Cure? Cure?!
DEBBY: Oh my God, we have a Prophetophobe.

Will Hale and Sophie Atherton
Sophie Atherton. Testing to see if we could get the water as a background. Photoshoot complete with core workout for the actors.

JOANNA: Hello everybody! Welcome to Prophetics Anonymous, the mutual aid fellowship for prophetic people! And before anybody new to the group asks, we don’t call ourselves prophets, because that has some problematic religious connotations.

Will Hale, Sophie Atherton and Henry Phillips. “Play around with the water a bit…” and this happened.

MADDY: Do you know, I think this school owes me something. Mr Roberts has a fire officer, a paramedic, two Hollywood actors and a chancellor of the exchequer in his class, and the best I’ve got is Jack the PR and Marketing wanker over there. I just can’t have nice things, can I?
MRS POPE: I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about
MADDY: All I’m saying is, those children will end up as useless antisocial troublemakers, and only about forty per cent of that will be my fault. (Pointing at Jack) Not that one though. Damage has been done there. His parents read the Daily Mail. He’s Whiteboard Monitor this term, and I think he might have peaked.

Charlotte Cromie, Henry Philips, Will Hale, Megan Harding and Sophie Atherton
Sophie Atherton and Will Hale
Sophie Atherton and Lottie Elton
Lottie Elton, Sophie Atherton, Megan Harding, Izzy Lewis, Charlotte Cromie, Henry Philips and Will Hale
A little bit closer.

MADDY: I thought at least I could look at the bright little things I’ve been nurturing all year and see the wonderful people they’re going to become. One of them will spend his life writing the jokes in Christmas crackers. And he will like it.

Izzy Lewis and Sophie Atherton
Sophie Atherton and Alex Franklin
Sophie Atherton and Alex Franklin
Sophie Atherton and Alex Franklin

MADDY: It’s no picnic for me either. What do you think it was like having sex with you when I was seeing the future, the vast majority of which involves you in some stage of decomposition?

Sophie Atherton and Alex Franklin
Megan Harding, Charlotte Cromie, Sophie Atherton and Alex Franklin

A big thank you to the fun cast! You can see them at the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Maddy – Sophie Atherton
Jim – Alex Franklin
Joanna – Izzy Lewis
Mrs Pope – Lottie Elton
Debby / Poppy – Cara Fung
Dave / Mickey – Will Hale
Annabel / Cammie / Rosie – Issy Snape
Rob / Jack / Steve – Henry Phillips

Production Team
Director – Megan Harding
Writer – Charlotte Cromie
Associate Producer – Russell Fancourt
Associate Director / Associate Producer – Charlotte Cromie
Producer – Seth Jordan
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Publicity Designer – Ed Bankes
Website Designer – Ben Martineau

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