I put a spell on you

There are many hidden places in Cambridge, Hobson’s Folly is one of them located right by the river Cam a short distance from the centre. We went there for a fairy tale inspired photoshoot early one morning. Matilda Wickham and Emma Blacklay-Piech had brought a set of props and dresses that fit the theme, including some dried flowers and a lighter. It is always fun to do a photoshoot with Matilda and Emma, we have a rough idea of what we want when we start, but then the storytelling takes on a life of its own. We even got some music specially made for us by Holly Musgrave and Matthew Nixon!

Emma Blacklay-Piech looking through a metal gate.
Emma Blacklay-Piech

I forgot to turn my clock back
so when I got up none of them were there.

Emma Blacklay-Piech at Hobson’s Folly

The air was lifted, a smudge of light trembling
just above the horizon.

Emma Blacklay-Piech looking out through a window
Emma Blacklay-Piech

I thought, I have been waiting my whole life
for this green, thin, teeming world,

Matilda dressed as a witch
Matilda Wickham

a nimbus of insects hovering over the lawn,
the cries of damp, intelligible birds.

Emma Blacklay-Piech sleeping by a tree
Emma Blacklay-Piech
Matilda Wickham

This was the new world.

Emma Blacklay-Piech and Matilda Wickham

I knew it would hurt,
like the re-setting of bone,

Matilda Wickham and Emma Blacklay-Piech

a surge of electricity starting the heart,
but that just made me want it more,

Matilda Wickham
Matilda Wickham burning dried flowers

Matilda Wickham

a break, an overthrow of cells.

Matilda Wickham and Emma Blacklay-Piech

Emma being painted by Matilda
Emma Blacklay-Piech

Matilda and Emma

Then they woke up.


But I’ve seen it now.
I’ve seen it.

Emma Blacklay-Piech

Poem by Rebecca Tamás.

Many thanks to Emma and Matilda for a great morning shoot!

A special thank you to Holly Musgrave and Matthew Nixon for the music! Check out Holly’s Youtube channel for more!

— Johannes

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