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Yesterday afternoon I met up with Anna Valfsson and Vecislavs Ruza for a pole dance photoshoot at North Pole Studio in Stockholm. When I arrived they were already there preparing their choreography, and they had planned a few poses that we could shoot. The room had mirrors on two of the walls, with various lights scattered around the room. The air was still quite warm from the pole dance class that had ended not long ago. There was one white wall in one corner which provided a nice clean backdrop for our photos. In addition to photographing we also did a short video which I will share later when it has been edited. For now, enjoy the photographs.

Anna Valfsson and Vecislavs Ruza
This is one of my favourite photos from the day. This was lit by two flashes, the left one on a light stand with a shoot through umbrella, and the right one on the floor.
Another of my favourite photos of Slava and Anna.
Anna and Slava doing a titanic inspired pose.
A quick costume change before the last photo of the day!

We also spent a bit of time filming one of Slava and Anna’s dance routines:

Many thanks to Slava (@slavaruza) and Anna (@annavalfsson) for a fun and creative evening!

For more pole dance photos, check the pole dance tag on the blog.

— Johannes

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