Icarus and Phoenix

Yesterday Helle Carlstedt, Linn Hegdal and My Persson joined me for a photoshoot among the crumbling house ruins in Täby Kyrkby. We must have been a funny sight to behold as we walked carrying bags, suitcases and a random chair into the forest.

Helle Carlstedt.

I have visited this place a few times over the last four years, and you can see how the houses fall apart from year to year. An entire wall had collapsed in the picture below, compared to the previous year. It is such a fascinating contrast between the derelict environment and the elegantly dressed dancers. With some of the photos we were trying to tell a story.

Linn Hegdal in a gorgeous outfit by Ida Sjöstedt.
Helle Carlstedt

From there we continued deeper into the forested area. We found a spot with beautiful light, which was perfect for Linn’s outfit with 10,000 diamonds. She was sparkling in the sun, and you almost need to see it on video to do the outfit justice.

Linn Hegdal. I love the contrast between the beautiful suit and the nature around. In retrospect I realised that perhaps the sparkling diamonds would have been more visible if I had shot at a smaller aperture, have to make a mental note to try that later.

The next set of photos was shot in the most well preserved house in the area, which actually had a roof and four walls. Something that seemed like a bit of a luxury after seeing the other houses here.

Helle Carlstedt in a red tutu and high-high-high heels.
Linn Hegdal. It is so much fun shooting in these derelict spaces, as it adds atmosphere to our photos.
Linn Hegdal
My, Helle and Linn

We had one more stop planned, and that was a session by the water. So we headed back to Helle’s car and drove over to Näsbypark.

Linn Hegdal
Linn Hegdal
Linn Hegdal
Linn Hegdal
My Persson
Helle Carlstedt
Helle Carlstedt

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Helle, Linn and My for a fun photoshoot!

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— Johannes

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