Queen of Chairs

Someone dumped an armchair outside our apartment complex next to the garbage bins. The garbage truck did not pick it up and for weeks it was just sitting there looking sad. It dawned on me that it could make a pretty good prop for a photoshoot. I spoke with Linnéa Hult, pitching my idea to her, and she liked it. So yesterday we picked it up and headed out for a photoshoot. The armchair got one last fun adventure in rain, before we delivered it to the recycling centre.

Linnéa Hult. Our first stop was Hamra grustag. We did not quite realise how heavy the armchair really was when we first lifted it for a few meters into the car. Marching it down into a sandpit, and back up again was something else. I looked on Google maps and throughout the day we carried the armchair for about one kilometer — but it was so worth it.
Linnéa Hult. Behind the chairs (I mean behind the scenes). We tried to even the surface under by building a sand platform, but the revolving armchair did not want to be tamed and put up a good fight. Despite that we had a ton of fun!
Linnéa Hult. Next to the quarry there is a forested area, which served as our second location. Our plan was to do sand, trees and water locations with the chair. It was around this time that we got the first drops of rain.
Linnéa Hult. Queen of Chairs.
Linnéa Hult at Stensöbadet. The rain had intensified, and a thunderstorm was approaching.
Linnéa Hult. The worse weather the better atmosphere in the photos.
Linnéa Hult. You know the feeling when you are sitting at home in your armchair or on your sofa, and dreaming away, travelling in your mind. This is a bit like that, only that we brought the armchair to those locations for real.
Linnéa Hult
Linnéa Hult. The chair almost looks like it is her boat, on the way out to sea.
Linnéa Hult. Having the water and bright sky allowed us to cut away most distractions and make a really clean photo with just Linnéa and the armchair.
Linnéa Hult
Linnéa Hult. The rain really added to the feel of the photo. After we finished photographing we packed the armchair back into the car and drove to Högdalen recycling centre, delivering it to its final destination.

Behind the scenes video:

Many thanks to Linnéa for a fun photoshoot! You can find our previous photoshoots together here.

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