Jade Cuttle

This evening I met up with Jade Cuttle for a little photo shoot as the sun was setting. First we did some normal portraits, but then we got a bit more creative. Trees are a recurrent theme in many of Jade’s songs, so we wanted to incorporate that somehow. This led us to experimenting with double exposures to superpose Jade on the trees.

Our first double exposure: Jade has a background in dancing, which was great. Normally when processing these double exposures you would try and increase the exposure and contrast so that you got a very clean and monocrom look, but I liked the layers here so did a softer edit.
Jade had brought some dead flowers. I was playing around in Photoshop and decided to use a texture with the blending option set to divide.



It was a fun little photo shoot. If you want to listen to Jade’s music, then have a look at her Soundcloud page. You can also follow her on Facebook.

– Johannes



Rose aisselle a vit.
Rr’ose, essaie là, vit.
Rôts et sel à vie.
Rose S, L, have I.
Rosée, c’est la vie.
Rrose scella vît.
Rrose sella vît.
Rrose sait la vie.
Rose, est-ce, hélas, vie?
Rrose aise héla vît.
Rrose est-ce aile, est-ce elle?
Est celle AVIS 

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