Playhouse Creatures rehearsal

Tomorrow has become today as I was editing the photos from the rehearsal of Playhouse Creatures. You might remember them from my previous blog post a couple of weeks ago. Here is a little glimpse from the play. I hope you enjoy it. Homerton College is quite far away, but the play is well worth the trip. Plus you get some free exercise biking there! It is getting late, so I am leaving you with the photos.

Isla Iago as Nell Gwyn.
Zoe Barnes as Mrs Marshall. The set did not have all its lights rigged yet, so we had to make do.
They had some spectacular masks which made for great photo opportunities.
Isla and Posey Mehta.
Bethan Davidson. The lighting at the back of the stage came from pretty much overhead, so I had to either work the angle or use the one spot that was on the centre of stage to get the faces properly lit.
Miranda Venables. This shot was really overexposed, but thanks to being shot in RAW it was possible to rescue it.
Isla and Posey. The spotlight creates a very bright but localised light. Posey in the background was almost invisible in the original image, had to lift her out of the shadows with the help of Photoshop.
Bethan in front of the mirror. I have several versions of this photo, the other candidate was a close-up.
Isla and Jessi Stritch
Bethan. I like the pose and expression in this photo.

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Read the Varsity review (5/5).

Mrs Betterton – Bethan Davidson
Mrs Marshall – Zoe Barnes
Nell Gwyn – Isla Iago
Doll – Posey Mehta
Mrs Farley – Jessi Stritch

Production Team
Director – Stella Pryce
Assistant Director – Bethan Davidson
Producer – Miranda Venables
Costume and Hair & Make-up Design – Flo Best
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth
Corset Mistress – Zoe Barnes
Publicity Designer – Hannah Taylor
Stage Manager – Kaiti Soultana
Assistant Stage Manager – Miranda Venables

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