Holly Musgrave is a singer-songwriter based in London. Her second album, ‘Jouster’, is due to be released in late November 2017. It focuses on the darkness and secrecy of hidden thoughts and internal, imagined conversations. It draws on some of the tumultuousness of ‘Ophelia’ and ‘Run’ on the debut album ‘Mercury Sunrise’, but to new dystopian heights. The first single, ‘CAKE’, is currently available to listen to on SoundCloud (click play and listen to her song while you watch the photos). You can also find “Fighting the Thunder” on Spotify, link at the bottom of the page.

We met up in Clare Cellars to do a photoshoot to go with her new album. Our plan was to use a projector in a creative way. With us was also Holly’s friend Sophia Gatzionis who helped out by holding and aiming the projector so we could get the shots we wanted.

To see more photos of Holly Musgrave click her name. If you want to enjoy more of her music, then visit her Soundcloud page or her Bandcamp page.

Continue listening to her one Spotify:

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