Leaves and Lovers

Jade Cuttle and I headed out to West Cambridge to do a photoshoot in my old neighbourhood for her new song ‘Leaves and Lovers’. The song considers heart break through the prism of trees, comparing a tree that has lost its leaves and is haunted by the memory of its warmth, to humans and lost lovers. There is a forested strip of land that connects a bike path in West Cambridge to some fields, which worked great as a location for our shoot. We filmed a lot of little sequences there, as well as some longer parts with Jade singing her song. Back in Sweden I spent a few evenings editing, and here is the final result, have a listen!

This was all shot handheld. Here is a youtube video with some great tips for how to get your handheld films more stable. I also took a few still images while we did the filming.

To see more of my photoshoots with Jade Cuttle, click her name. You can also find more of her songs on Soundcloud and on her Facebook page.

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