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I met up with the Footlights group at the ADC Theatre on Monday afternoon. They are a really creative and a little crazy group, so winging the photoshoot with improvisation is right up their alley. Last time we did it it looked something like this. This time the story was about a waitress turned superhero.They had brought a few props for us to work into the shoot: an old replica gun, plastic bags, cauliflower and two mangos.

Text from Camdram:

“So his buddy whips a flail out, and starts swinging it round at me, like this is fucking Dungeons and Dragons or something.” – Judge Judy, superhero superstar.
Meet Judge Judy. No, not that one. Crime fighting, misleadingly-named vigilante Judge Judy. She’s been keeping Middle America safe since way back before Chickie McQuickie became the top supplier of frozen chicken breasts in the tristate area. Join her as she takes you through her greatest hits.

Winner of the Footlight’s Harry Porter Prize 2016.

We only had a dressing room booked, which is not the ideal location. Kevin Forde helping me check the lights by the window.
Eve Delaney as Buzz, the waitress. Here we were playing with the reflections in the mirror, making sure you could see her face at least twice.
Adding a touch of colour to the mirror. It turned out the text was a bit tricky to read, so I made the rest of the photo monochrome in photoshop.
Eve tearing into the Mango. We moved outside to find a spot with better light.
Here I asked Evie to turn towards the sun so that she would have light on part of her face. Notice the triangle of light under the eye typical of Rembrandt lighting.
A mango can make a surprising mess if you put your heart into it. Mixing light sources with different colour temperature is tricky, as you can see by the colours.
The ADC Workshop got a few nice windows with frosted glass. We borrowed an armchair and placed Eve in the light.
A Lady MacBeth-like moment.
Making the most of the windowlight. Patrick Wilson helping Eve up on the window sill.
The frosted glass acts as great big diffuser. Here Eve is reenacting a scene where she is waiting for the police to arrive.
Being a superhero is tough, so you need to work out to make sure you are in shape.
Exercising the Footlight way. The guy in the background probably wonders what is going on here. Our original plan was to photoshop Patrick out, to make it look like Eve does one handed pull-ups, but the original photo made for a better shot.
It’s raining … plastic bags.
Destroying the last bits of the Mango. We are happy to report that the other mango made it out alive.

Reviews: TCS (8/10), Varsity (3.5/5), The Tab (2/5)

Buzz – Eve Delaney
Radio DJ – Tim Vaughan

Production Team
Director – Patrick Wilson
Assistant Director – Daniel Emery
Producer – Kevin Forde
Assistant Producer – Jack Lewy
Writer – Rachel Tookey
Assistant Stage Manager – Elliott Wright, Luke Heppenstall-West
Publicity Designer – Elliott Wright
Lighting Designer – Eimear Ryan-Charleton, James Woods
Stage Manager – Mariella Brown
Sound Designer – Radu Thomas
Photographer – Johannes Hjorth

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